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Product Packaging: Noodle Golf Balls

Earlier this decade, TaylorMade reintroduced a product called “Noodle” golf balls, which was beloved by amateur players for its playful name and being dependably long, soft and affordable. I helped lead design direction for our rebranded packaging, which we wanted to make fun, approachable and offer high shelf-appeal for customers of all ages in stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

To achieve these goals, we created engaging headline language:

• “This Ball Bites!”
• “We Dare You to Find Softer Distance!”

Further, each box and golf ball sleeve features an inventive and colorful comic-strip short with our endorser and golf personality, Gary McCord, as a cartoon character, “Noodle Gary”.

I was responsible for crafting all copy on the packaging, including headlines and the scripts for the comics. This packaging is still being sold at Wal-Mart some five years after its launch into the market, demonstrating its timelessness and ability to resonate with golfers everywhere.

  • Role Design Direction / Copy

  • For TaylorMade Golf

  • Date 05/2013

  • Type Product Packaging

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